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Betty Mendez
Everyday Spirituality LLC
Certified Reiki Practitioner/Teacher
Certified Laughter Yoga Leader


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Sandra said:   August 24, 2012 10:25 am PST
Betty is full of such love, positive energy, and light - and it comes through in everything she does, from running classes to Reiki healing. I had a recent Reiki treatment from Betty and felt so much more balanced & whole afterwards - highly recommended!

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"I added laughter yoga on our job chart at school we have a laughter yoga coach who gets to pick a laughter exercise or two.  The kids love it and it changes the whole environment of the class. Thank you for that gift."--Erin Finnegan

"Laughter Yoga delightfully coaxes the inner child to come out and play."--Mary Amelia Reyna

"Laughter Yoga gives me a whole new dimension to life and is a 'mood elevator'.--Velda Murrillo

"Laughter Yoga provides the opportunity to allow child-like joy to bubble up from our toes and because everyone suspends their business-like demeanor at the door you create friendships quickly. It's the best way to start the beginning of my week!"--Jill Grover-West

"I'm sooo glad I took a step of faith and came to your class today…some of the laughter was forced some just came naturally…but I felt the calm/inner peace & joy afterwards and look forward to next week…--Bridgett McDonald